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Best CashBook for sale

Best CashBook has made a 500-year historical progress with a perfect illustrious concept. To enhance its benefit to mankind, it is looking for the very new owner.

If you lead the public to Flexible Double Entry Bookkeeping System, in turn it shall push your app or platform onto the standard position. Based on the grandslam from small business to home and school, it shall have influences on the entire enterprise software.
  • Objects for sale : all products and rights including Best CashBook, Best Accounting Basic, Best Accounting Basic+Construction, and all other our accounting software based on "Flexible Double Entry Bookkeeping System" in English and Korean.

  • Merits : The core part of our intellectual properties is "Flexible Double Entry Bookkeeping System". Other middle-level merits are DailyInOut and automatically prepared Cash Flow Statement. Other small merits are that one entry of sales or purchases makes it possible to process all other work from inventory to VAT at once, construction accounting, etc.

  • Legal issues : Our products and rights are legally and conscientiously perfect. We will give every help and go through every necessary legal procedure as you want so that you can completely digest the products and rights. More..

  • Selling price : b million US dollars + a% of its contributions (b=24.695×0.656^a, a≤5)

  • Contact : bestcashbook@gmail.com - To prevent any misunderstandings or wrongdoings, contact is only allowed via the email until an appointment is made. This way is the most efficient and takes no costs. Any other approaches and efforts are only a waste of time and even make things worse.

  • Attention : You should be eligible and official. Otherwise you might be maltreated while we have coped with a variety of wrongdoings by scums around us over the past 18 years.

- Alfred S. H. Lee -